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I came across Dumplinz Cafe while strolling around downtown Pittsburgh. It was a pretty tiny cafe with maybe five or six small tables. The set up inside reminded me of a Subways or Quiznos, but instead of subs and sandwiches, this place served a variety of dumplings and dumpling related items.

They served any type of filled pasta from around the world… pierogies, dumplings, wontons, pelmeni, ravioli, etc. They cover Italy, Russian, Eastern Europe, and China. The concept is pretty neat and their menu was eye catching. They have breakfast served all day, lunch portions, dessert dumplings, as well as some pita sandwiches, salads, and soup. Most of the items come in three sizes, Try Me, Like Me, and Love Me. I found those sizes pretty amusing. The walls were filled with pasta and dumpling related posters and memorabilia.

Since breakfast is such a fun meal, I decided to order their Breakfast Pierogies. It came with fried eggs topped with baby sausages, potato pierogies, and melted cheese. Looked kind of simple but tasted pretty great. Cost less than $5.00.

Dumplinz Cafe seems like a great place for quick inexpensive lunch or snack. I’m curious to try all the variety of dumplings they serve. I’m most curious about their dessert dumplings from Easter Europe. They have blueberry pierogies, sour cherry pierogies, and sweet farmers cheese pierogies. They are topped with a choice of sour cream, honey, apple sauce, strawberry or cherry sauce. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like dessert dumplings before.

I am a big dumplings fan. In the past, I have assembled my own dumplings, filling them with some crazy deliciousness. Cooking and serving preferences… steamed or pan fried served with hot spicy dipping sauce or citrus soy sauce. Adding a couple pieces into my soup noodles is also very satisfying.

I am quite tempted to mass produce some innovative dumplings…

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