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Sweet-N-Tart is located at 136-11 38th Avenue, Flushing, NY. They also have a location at 20 Mott Street in the Manhattan Chinatown area. This trendy looking restaurant take traditional Asian dishes and give it a modern twist. Normally, it is the place I go to for delicious congee and various fun appetizers. I noticed that their menu has grown and is now filled with many pictures of pretty looking, decorative dishes. They upgraded their beverage menus to include various fancy teas (blooming teas too), fresh juices, milkshakes, and smoothies. They also offer mock cocktails featuring exotic tropical fruits. Most Asian restaurants provide you with a cup of tea or glass of water as the default beverage when you are seated at your table. Since they now offer a more extensive line of teas, if you want to drink hot tea, it must be ordered from the menu. No more free tea.

The pictures in the menu are very captivating and every dish looks fun and amazing. Some of the dishes sounded interesting, especially the appetizers. However, I did notice a few things on the menu that bothered me a little. Some of the dishes seemed totally ridiculous. In particular, they had a dish which consisted of four spoons, filled with cold tofu, seaweed, etc. I think it was called Salad Bites or something like that. The Asparagus Ice Bowl didn’t seem to make much sense to me either. It looked like a 5 pieces of steamed asparagus chopped into 4 inch pieces, placed in a small bowl of ice. Some of the dishes seemed to appeal more visually, but after looking at it for a while, the description of the dish did not have the same effect. I was a little hesistant, so I decided to order the “usual” (congee!!).

Fried crullers wrapped in rice noodle roll (zhaliang)
This is my favorite appetizer to order to accompany congee. There are three pieces of fried crullers (youtiao), each wrapped in a rice noodle roll. It is served with soy sauce on the side, which can be poured over the rolls. It also goes great with some hot sauce. I also enjoy dunking pieces of this into my bowl of congee.

Fish congee
Congee is served in an iron cast bowl with a mini handle. Becareful, it is hot. This dish contains tiny pieces of fish fillets and egg whites. It is topped with scallions and a few thin slices of very fried crullers. The portion is probably about two servings. I really enjoy fish congee. It is probably one of my favorites.

Shrimp and watercress dumpling lo mein with soup on the side
This dish looked and sounded pretty neat on the menu, and so we decided to order it. We were not disappointed but at the same time, we were also not intrigued. The dumplings were room temperature. Shrimp and watercress filling is great though. The egg noodles can be dipped into the hot broth on the side, along with the dumplings and salad. The broth is pretty generic. This dish is simple and an okay eat.

Overall, Sweet-N-Tart would be pretty high up on the Looky meter but only medium/moderately high on the Tasty meter. I would definitely recommend this place for congee. I am unsure of their other dishes, but I do plan on returning to try out their appetizers and desserts sometime. Definitely, I will have to try out their appetizers and dimsums, like their scallion pancakes, radish cakes, toasts, and sugar cane shrimp lollipops (I like the sound of this one!). Ooh… and their dessert soups too!

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