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A while back, I was wandering around and came across this ice cream store, on 10th street, between 3rd and 4th Avenue. I did not think too much of it at first and casually walked by, until I read the words “pumpkin ice cream”!

It was pretty awesome. The pumpkin flavor was not too overwhelming but it was noticeable enough. It was very delicious. The ice cream was very creamy. They have a treat selection of ice cream flavors ranging from the normal flavors, like rocky road to many other interesting less traditional flavors, like lychee and honeydew. Taro flavored ice cream would also be a great choice. There also offer a variety of fruit smoothies and milk shakes and banana splits!

They kind of reminded me of Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, except this was located in the East Village area, as opposed to Chinatown. It has definitely been a while since I’ve visited the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, but they also offer a nice variety of ice cream flavors that you won’t find in your regular ice creamery. They have many Asian-inspired ice cream flavors, like green tea, taro, ginger, lychee, red bean, black sesame, and many more. I don’t know how they would compare.

The prices at Sundaes and Cones were okay considering their location. My waffle cone was a little less than $5 including tax. I always pick waffle cones over sugar cones. There’s definitely something about waffles cones that make ice cream so much more fun.

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