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Here is a great place for Banh Mi, Vietnamese subs, located right in New York City Chinatown.

Paris Sandwich can be found at 113 Mott Street, between Canal St & Hester St. They opened up about a little over than a year ago, around December 2006. I have dined there multiple times and they have never disappointed. They bake their French baguettes and breads right on the spot. In addition to Vietnamese subs, they also serve various baguettes, breads, and Vietnamese snacks and dessert. This bakery/cafe also has seating available inside. The orders are placed at the counters in the front of the restaurant, and Vietnamese subs are picked up at the back.

Right at the front window, you can see posters of the variety of foods they offer inside. I’ve always been a big fan of those Chinese waffles and mini pancakes that are often sold in little street vendors around Chinatown. Here, they offer this Green Tea waffle. It costs $1.00 and makes a great snack. The only thing is that when they serve it to you, it’s often at room temperature or a little cold, since they usually make a couple ahead of time and place them on the slightly heated shelf. The waffles taste best when they are slightly warmed or toasted.

Paris Sandwich has 12 different types of Vietnamese subs. Each sandwich costs $3.50-$3.75.
1. Paris Special Baguette banh mi dae biet
2. Grilled Chicken Baguette banh mi ga nuong
3. Shredded Chicken Baguette banh mi ga xe
4. B. B. Q Pork Baguette banh mi new nuong
5. Grilled Pork Baguette banh thit nuong
6. Vietnamese Meat Ball Baguette banh mi xiu mi
7. Sardine Fish Baguette banh mi co moi
8. Tuna Fish Baguette banh mi ca tina
9. Pork Roll & Pate Baguette banh mi pate gan cha lun
10. Vegetarian Chicken Baguette banh mi cha
11. Ham & Cheese Baguette banh mi thit nuong
12. Turkey & Cheese Baguette banh mi thit ga loi

There’s something on the menu for everyone. For rookies, the house special sandwich Number 1 is always a great choice, with its variety of meats. There’s chicken, pork, meatballs, and fish subs. There’s is also a Vegetarian chicken sub, Number 10. That’s my favorite one (Pictured Below)! Number 9 is also a great one. It’s filled with Vietnamese ham, which is pretty much pork meat that is lightly flavored with fish sauce. Each sub contains pickled carrots, cucumbers, parsley, and (optional) hot green peppers.

Vegetarian Chicken Baguette

To accompany my Vegetarian Chicken banh mi, I ordered a nice hot cup of Vietnamese styled coffee.

The best part was that the cost of this lunch was about $6.00! Actually, this is considered slightly pricey for usual Vietnamese subs. However, I love coming here because of the cheerful people that work there, the relatively comfortable atmosphere (surprisingly it’s not too loud or crowded, at least during the times I’ve been there), and of course, the freshly baked bread. I highly recommend Paris Sandwich! It’s a great place for a satisfying and inexpensive quick bite!

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