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Here’s my adventure at this awesome Kosher Vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown. It’s known for serving a selection of Buddhist Vegetarian dishes. They make mock meat dishes by using ingredients like gluten, soy beans, tofu, mushrooms, rice, and a variety of vegetables. The dishes are made to resemble the real meat versions. Their menu is amazing. For every type of meat, there’s a “mock” version. They still offer things like sweet and sour fish, sesame chicken, lamb stew, beef and vegetables. The dishes will look like what you expect them to look like, but the taste… is spectacular, especially knowing that you’re not consuming any meat at all! All I have to say, it’s not just like a Boca Burger, this is hardcore.

Buddha Bodai is located on 5 Motts Street in Chinatown, NYC.

I went there to enjoy their amazing lunch special. During the weekdays, between 11am and 3pm, they offer this lunch special for only $6.75. It comes with choice of soup (hot and sour or wonton), rice (white or brown), and a long list of main dishes.

For my choice of soup, I picked the Hot and Sour Soup!

For my main dish, I picked the Vegetarian Spare Ribs with Brown Rice.

Close up of the Vegetarian Spare Ribs

Even though the servings were huge and I knew I was not going to be able to finish up my ribs, I couldn’t resist from ordering dim sum. They also offer a nice selection of dim sum dishes (all turned vegetarian!). I decided to order one of my favorite dim sum plates. Roast Pork Buns! In this case, they are called Vegetarian Meat Buns.

I definitely have to come back here for many more visits. There’s so much more on the menu I would love to try… appetizers, soups, noodles, dim sum, their other main dishes,… and who can forget the dessert! They also have a vegan Tofu Cheesecake and Tofu ice cream! I’ll have to try that!

Another great thing about this restaurant is that they will cook the food to your preference. Therefore if you order a dish and want it a certain way (e.g. lighter on the peppers or more thicker sauce), they will prepare it that way. The service is really good and the wait staff is very nice. I have only gone there to eat in the early afternoon and weekdays, but I’ve heard it can get very busy during the weekends.

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