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Sushi Siam (located on 647 Lincoln Road)

It was our second night in Miami, and we decided to check out another restaurant on Lincoln Road. Sushi Siam. Just as the name of the restaurant suggested, it offered a combination of Japanese and Thai food. There was a lot of outdoor seating. Peeking in through the glass windows, you can see their sushi bar and the chefs preparing these awesome sushi boats (which we also decided to order).

There was also a live performance on Lincoln Road that night. Conveniently, our table was nearby the stage. So, having dinner outdoors while listening to some random band play music sounded extra delightful.

Here’s our dinner at: Sushi Siam

Choice of Beverage

Kirin Ichiban
Japanese beer (on left)

Thai lager beer (on right)


Beef Skewer
Marinated beef on wooden skewers with satay sauce on the side

LOOKY: OMG OMG OMG! (totally awesome)
TASTY: it’s so good; I can get a meal full of this (above average)
Remarks: When the waiter brought this over, I was speechless. There was like this mini grill on the plate and the flame was overwhelming. The beef was very tender and tasty. The satay sauce was delectable. I had a lot of fun heating up my beef skewers over the flame. You can hear the satay sauce sizzling. On the side, there was also a small dish of cucumbers in a vinegary sauce. It was crispy and refreshing to go with the strong satay taste. This was an amazing appetizer to get my night started. Nice to look at, fun to play with, and last but not least, absolutely tasty!

Main Course

Chicken Pad Thai
One of the popular Thai dishes. Stir fry rice noodles with chicken, bean sprouts, shrimp, egg, scallions, peanuts, coriander, etc. (Ingredients may vary depending on the restaurant.)

LOOKY: a few ooh’s and aah’s (average)
TASTY: satisfying and filling (average)
Remarks: The plate was overwhelming. I really liked the way they sprinkle peanuts over the dish. The green onions and red peppers gave the dish some additional color. The sauce was really good and I really enjoyed the dish in the beginning. However, I felt that the dish was too heavy for me.

Sushi Boat
Assorted sushi and sashimi served in, that’s right, a wooden boat.

LOOKY: I get sad that I have to eat you (above average)
TASTY: I’m so happy to have eaten you (above average)
Remarks: one looked just as pretty as the one we saw the chef preparing earlier. I also noticed quite a few other customers ordering this super sushi boat. The sushi was good, but the sashimi tasted extra fresh. The sashimi was cut very well and the thin slices was placed nicely over the crushed ice. (Sorry, the sashimi is not visible in the picture above. The sashimi was actually located on the other side of the huge decorative piece on the boat.)

One comment about dining in Miami:
Apparently, it’s customary to have gratuity automatically added your check (even for small parties like two). Our dishes were pretty pricy by themselves, and with the additional 18% gratuity that they added to our bill, I felt our meal was overpriced. The service was not extraordinary, and normally, we would not have given so much for gratuity.
Other than that, I’d recommend coming here for their appetizers, pretty sushi boats, and drinks.

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