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It was my first night at Miami. I was tired, grouchy and hungry when I arrived at the Miami International Airport. My flight was delayed for a lovely 2 hours and by the time I got off the plane the sun was already down. Once we got to South Beach, we checked into the hotel, dropped off my luggage, and quickly began searching for the nearest hotspot to find some dinner. The lady at the Front Desk of the hotel recommended to head over to Lincoln Road.

The night view of Lincoln Road was pretty amazing. It’s this long road filled with restaurants, bars, lounges, retail stores and more. Most of the restaurants offer outdoor seating, and so the street is lit up very well. There were a large variety of foods to choose from.

As we started walking down the road, Sushi Samba caught my eye. It was full off orange and yellow lights. (It’s located at 600 Lincoln Road.) There was plenty of outdoor seating. (I really enjoy outdoor seating. However, in New York City, outdoor seating might not always be most pleasant, due to the noise and air pollution.) I took a quick glimpse at the menu. They offer fusion food: blend of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine.

So here’s my dinner at: Sushi Samba Dromo


Also known as green soybeans. They are often served boiled or steamed (other variations exists). To eat, simply pop the 2-3 beans from the pod into your mouth. The pod is very soft, and the beans will slide out easily.

LOOKY: Looks like soybean pods in a bowl. (average)
TASTY: Delectable! (above average)
At first, we weren’t planning on ordering an appetizer. Our server suggested it to us, while we decide on what to order for a main course. I’m glad he did though! Edamame is often eaten as a snack or a bar food, in Japan and other parts of Asia. Did I mention that edamame are very healthy and have many nutrients? Usually I eat edamame with salt. That is, either sprinkle the salt over them, or dip the pods to into a small dish of salt. Alone, the edamame has a very plain taste. At Samba Sushi, they also provided a lime. A lime! It was my first time eating edamame with lime. The sour lime taste along with the salty salt taste went very well with the edamame. Next time I make edamame at home I’ll definitely add a few sprinkles of lime.

Choice of beverage

Kamoizumi Komekome
A type of rice sake
Sweet, light, fruity, low in alcohol.

Main Course

Rainbow Dragon
One of their special Samba Rolls. Contains eel, avocado, red bell peppers, cucumbers, and mangos.

Eel and Avocado Roll
Contains eel and avocado, basically.

drool enhancing (above average)
scrummppti-li-ou-ous (above average)
Since the restaurant was called Sushi Samba, I was totally in the mood for some sushi. Some of my favorite ingredients for sushi are eel (unagi) and avocado. I almost always order the eel and avocado roll when I go eat sushi, but I also wanted to try out one of their signature Samba rolls. Browsing through the list, the Rainbow Dragon caught my eye since it contained eel and avocado. In addition, it also contained one of my favorite fruits, the mango. Both sushi rolls were delicious. I liked the way they poured extra unagi sauce over the eel and avocado roll. The Rainbow Dragon was beautifully rolled. The thin slices of mango added a sweet taste to counter the subtle taste of the avocado.




Arroz con leche
Small glass filled with mango, sake gelee, doce de leite ice cream, and crispy rice.

white and mysterious (above average)
let’s have a second bite (average)
When it arrive on the table, I was very curious. I had no idea what it would taste like. I made many attempts on taking a picture of this cute little dessert, but they all failed. (It was very difficult to get a good picture under such lighting conditions, especially when the dessert is simply white.) It had a very interesting taste. The sake gelee and the doce de leite parts were very tasty. The mango taste was very light. I think it was the crispy rice (the arroz) part that threw me off a little. They lost its crispiness very quickly after sitting in the glass and became chewy and soggy.

The bills came up to be pretty pricy, but the food was exquisite and the service was wonderful. We did order a bottle of sake, so that definitely contributed to the bill. The service was outstanding and our waiter was awesome. He helped us pick out a bottle of sake. (His recommendation was great. The Komekome was delicious.) The service was so good, that I almost started feeling awkward (since I’m not used to it.). He brought out an ice bucket for our wine to keep it nicely chilled. Whenever our glasses went low, he would come to our table and pour us a new glass almost immediately. It almost felt as if he was watching us from afar.

Bottom line: Best service ever! Very interesting menu! Fancy looking! Great food!

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