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The lady at the front desk also suggested Ocean Drive as a good area to dine at. Ocean Drive runs along the beach and is filled with tons of hotels, restaurants, and bars, most of which are pretty famous.

For example, there’s the Clevelander. It’s a hotel, a bar, and a crazy hot spot, known for their wet t-shirt contests and swim wear contests during spring break.

There’s also the Casa Casuarina, the scene where Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997.

It was our third night and we were in the mood for some Cuban cuisine. I was browsing through a tourist book and came across Rumba Palace, a Cuban restaurant, located on 600 Ocean Drive, known for their delicious Cuban cuisine, exotic cocktails, live Latin music and dancing. Reading that, we had to go over and give it a try.

Here’s our dinner at Rumba Palace:

Choice of Beverage:

Cocktail drink originated from Cuba. Main ingredients go along something like rum, carbonated soda, lime, sugar, and mint.

Mango Frozen Daquiri
Main alcohol ingredient is rum. Daquiri’s are also from Cuba. This one was blended with ice and is mango flavored.


Breaded, deep fried calamari

LOOKY: calamari circles will be circles (average)
TASTY: just awesome (average)
Remarks: I’m a big fan of calamari, also known as squid. I always found it weird how it sounds so much fancier or welcoming when you say order a “plate of calamari”, but sounds a bit barbaric or weird when you say “plate of squid.” Anyway, squid is squid and it’s delicious. Sprinkle some lemon. Drip into the marinara sauce. Oh, yum! The batter coating was nice and crispy and the squid texture was just right, a little chewy but not too tough. Favorite part, it’s nice and crispy but not dry or crazy oily.

Main Course:

Salmon with mango sauce
Entrée is served with choice of two sides, in this case, yellow rice and plantains.

LOOKY: my rice matches my sauce (average)
TASTY: I would definitely order this again (above average)
Remarks: The rice was good. The plantains were good. But, the salmon was off the hook. The salmon was tasty and delicate. The mango sauce was absolutely amazing. Not only do I love mangos, but also this mango sauce was one of the best ever. It had a strong mango flavor to it, but was not too sugary or too sweet. The sweetness level was just right. At first, I was just eating my salmon with it. After a bit, I started pouring it over my rice. If only I could put it in a jar and bring it home with me, then I’d want to pour it over almost everything.

Mystery meat
Ok, the actual name of the dish was not that. But it pretty much said, “Don’t worry about what it is, it tastes great.” It’s some secret recipe or something. This entrée is also served with choice of two sides, brown rice and plantains.

LOOKY: a meal is a meal (average)
TASTY: it really makes me wonder how they cooked it (above average)
Remarks: It was identified as pork of some sort, but extremely tasty. It’s something to do with their seasoning that make it taste just right. The outer layer was crispy and flavorful. One concern, not sure if it’s very healthy for you. The salty level was kind of high, and the meat was a bit fatty.

I really enjoyed eating here. The food was absolutely delicious. The atmosphere was perfect. Even though we were eating at the patio, we can hear the Latin music blasting from the inside. I don’t believe they had live music that night or people dancing. We did go there pretty early during the night. I still had a great time. One of the best part, I liked how the portions were very reasonable and was not overwhelming at all. It gave you just enough to have a great meal!

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