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I think it was the atmosphere and the layout of this restaurant that caught my attention first. It had a very hip and trendy feel to it. The furniture was monotone, but the splash of pinkish light from the sushi bar in the back made the restaurant vibrant. The restaurant was pretty dimly light in the inside, but the big glass windows let a lot of light in during the day. They allowed the people passing by, to check out what customers are eating, and what’s going on in the restaurant.

Planet Sushi is located on 860 Washington Avenue, in Miami Beach. It’s a French sushi restaurant. I believe they have multiple locations in Paris, and are pretty well known there.

Oh, and did I mention the television displays on the wall? There’s like four television screens on the wall. Two of them were showing video clips of fashion shows in Paris. Very interesting indeed! The other two were actually connected to the sushi bar. It gave an overhead view of the sushi bar. That way, you can see the sushi chef preparing your sushi and sashimi. Very neat indeed!

The waitress provided us with two menus. One was in English and just had the names of all the available dishes and its corresponding price. The other was in French, which had pictures of the dishes. That way, you knew what you were ordering.

So, here’s our dinner at Planet Sushi:


Seaweed salad

Looky: ready to dig in (average)
Tasty: uplifting (average)
Remarks: Seaweed salad is so refreshing, especially after a long day in the sun. It really helps get my appetite going.

Planet yakitori
Consists of 2 chicken yakitori, 1 beef cheese yakitori, and 1 beef yakitori

Looky: mouth watering (above average)
Tasty: delightful (average)
Remarks: This was a very fine appetizer. I always enjoy meat on a stick. I liked the beef yakitori the best. The meat had a sweet flavor to it. The beef cheese one was a little odd. It reminded me of a mozzarella stick that wasn’t deep-fried. I think the cheese taste was a bit too strong.

Main Course

The chef is preparing our sashimi and sushi on the screen.

Mixed planet
An assortment of sushi and sashimi, served with a bowl of coleslaw on the side

Looky: drool inducing (above average)
Tasty: I can eat more (above average)
Remarks: I watched on the screen as the chef prepared our sushi and sashimi assortment. It adds some excitement to the meal, as we wait hungrily for our food. It also lets you know exactly when the dish will be coming out. The sashimi was very fresh and so appetizing. They served a big bowl of coleslaw on the side, as an appetizer. It was pretty much shredded cabbage soaked in a vinegary mixture, as opposed to mayonnaise.


Maki banana Nutella

Looky: I can’t wait to get you in my belly (above average)
Tasty: more more more (above average)
Remarks: This was my first time eating dessert sushi. I’ve heard of it, but have never tried it. It’s very interesting. The other layer is a crepe. It’s filled with rice, bananas, and Nutella sauce. I was very excited when I saw the chef preparing it on the screen. I was surprised that they actually put rice in it. I’ve never had crepe plus rice, or banana plus rice, or even odder, Nutella over rice (?!?!). It was a weird combination but it worked surprisingly well.

Overall, the dinner at Planet Sushi was a great. There weren’t many people there during the time we were eating. But, the service was still good. The restaurant was very organized. It’s a bite small, probably holds up to 40-50 people max. The layout of the tables allowed the waitress to keep track of orders. The register had a touch screen display that illustrated the floor plan layout of the eating area. The waitress kept track of occupied tables and etc. by selecting the corresponding table on the screen display. Haha, I thought that was pretty neat.

Most remarkable part of the dinner, I’d have to say was the dessert. This initiates my search for more varieties of dessert sushi’s…

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