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It was the fifth night in Miami and we were craving for some seafood. Miami’s got to have great seafood. Therefore, we went towards Lincoln Road again, in search for some seafood restaurant that would satisfy our craving.

We came across Le Bon Restaurant on 723 Lincoln Road. “Le Bon” means “It’s good” in an Italian dialect. At the front door, there were hosts and hostesses advertising their dishes, waving their menus, trying to grab potential customers as people walked by. I think their specialty was Belgian-American seafood. There were a lot of people eating outdoors, and the seating filled up the front area of the restaurant as well as the middle of the seat. They sold us when we saw the words seafood and restaurant.

We took a seat indoors to see what the inside was like. (We also suspected that the restaurant next door, which was more Italian pasta-like, was actually the same as this one. We suspected it had the same ownership, same workers, but just different menus. We were right. The two restaurants were actually connected inside by a small walkway through the wall. We saw the waiters and waitresses walk back and forth between the two restaurants.) It was also quite hot and muggy that night, and so eating under some a/c sounded great to us.

The menu looked great. It had a lot of tasty seafood appetizers and entrees. Lobsters, raw bar, mussels, fish, etc. There were also some steak and lamb dishes. It was very difficult to choose one. I was tempted to order some Belgian Escargot (sea snails served with oil infused garlic butter). However, we decided to opt out of the appetizer and go straight for the real deal.

Here’s our dinner at Le Bon Restaurant:

Fisherman style mussel pot 1/2 kg
Mussels steamed in white wine and lobster bisque sauce served with Belgian fries on the side

LOOKY: straight off the stove (average)
TASTY: absolutely delightful (above average)
Remarks: The presentation was not super, but it was as described in the menu. Simply, a mussel pot. They offered two serving sizes, a ½ kg and a 1 kg option. I had no idea how much 1 kg was, so to be on the safe size, I went with the smaller serving. There’s something about the white wine and lobster bisque sauce that just made the mussels taste so great. It was absolutely delicious. There was a good number of mussels, no empty shells, and I felt was a good deal, compared to other dishes on the menu.

Bay scallops and endive
Seared fresh jumbo Nantucket Bay scallops with balsamic glaze over grilled Belgian endive

LOOKY: appetizing (average)
TASTY: satisfactory (average)
Remarks: There were five scallops and they were huge. They were good, but we were disappointed over one discovery. There was sand in a couple of the scallops. We didn’t expect that we would find that in a restaurant like this. It ruined the dish a bit. Other than that, the clean scallops were tasty and the grilled endives were good too.

We walked out of the restaurant a bit dissatisfied. I glimpsed over what other customers were order and realized that a large majority of them simply had a drink, an appetizer dish and the mussel pots. I’m guessing the mussel pots are most popular, and we didn’t really see lobster or other seafood dishes around that night. I do have to agree though the mussel pot is a great deal. The half-kilogram serving cost only $15.50. Plus, it’s served with some tasty crispy Belgian fries.

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