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Me – “Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with some directions?”
Store clerk – “Sure.”
Me – “Do you know how to get to this Thai restaurant with the sewing machines and lots of toys?”
Store clerk
– “Of course! Go down this road and you’ll see it in a few blocks on the left.”

As I was asking for the directions, I noticed how absurd the words I was saying sounded. “Thai restaurant with the sewing machines and lots of toys” Surprisingly, the clerk knew exactly what I was talking about. And so, I was happy.

Here I introduce to you, Cozy Noodles ‘n Rice located at 3456 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL:

As you step inside, you see rows of dining tables and tons of vintage toys and signs on the walls.

If you look closely at each table, it’s actually an old Singer sewing machine. WOW!

My Lunch at Cozy Noodles ‘n Rice:

Noodles Panang.
A spicy panang curry with chopped carrots and bell peppers, pieces of chicken, and a delicious coconut taste. It’s served with crispy rice noodles already inside the bowl.

LOOKY: drool inducing (above average)
TASTY: I’d want seconds if I had a bigger tummy (above average)
Remarks: I think it was the sweet taste of coconut milk that totally sold me. The curry was sweet and spicy at the same time. The texture was just right. After devouring the chicken and the peppers, I found myself attempting to drink the curry away. The curry was so delicious. I could pour it over anything and it’d taste great. The only thing I didn’t like too much about this dish was the crispy rice noodles. The noodles were these short and thick, fried noodles (similar to those crispy noodles they gave you at Chinese Fast food restaurants to accompany your hot and sour soup) They got soggy quickly in the curry. I prefer regular rice noodles instead. Overall, it was a super tasty dish. One thing though, the next time, I’d order the Panang curry over rice, instead of the noodles.

Here’s pictures of two other dishes from Cozy Noodles. I didn’t really try them, but they look very pretty.

Broccoli with Chicken.
Broccoli with pieces of chicken and shredded ginger, topped with a special sauce. Served with a side of jasmine rice.

Mild Curry
Mild curry served with a side of jasmine rice.

There’s more:

When I stepped into the women’s restroom, I was in awe. There’s all four walls filled with Pez dispensers of various sizes and characters. I think there’s like over a thousand of them. But there was this one big spooky looking Barbie doll that stood next to the toilet seat, that made me jump when I walked in! I avoided looking at or taking a picture of it at all costs!

Since the women’s restroom amused me so much, I just had to sneak a trip into the men’s restroom. There, I found tons of figurines and toys glued to the wall. Some looked like happy meal toys while others look like they’ve traveled many miles.

More pictures of the restaurant can be found here.
It was an extremely creative restaurant. As I sat there eating away my curry, I rolled my eyes across the toys sitting on the shelfs and the signs hanging on the wall. Brings back many memories of childhood, toys, snacks, treats, and fun! (Makes me wonder if I have enough toys accumulated over the years to fill up a restaurant the size of this.)

Last but not least, a very cute finale! It made me smile! 🙂

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