Daisy’s Grits At The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Home Eateries Daisy’s Grits At The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

I stopped by Bryant Park the other day for a quick bite. I decided to go check out Daisy’s Grits, a food stand totally devoted to home-cooked grits. On their menu, they have classic grits, cheese grits, savory grits, and sweet grits for you to choose from. The savory specials that day were Creole Chicken, Hong Kong Spinach, and Lobster grits.

I spoke with the owner Roberto and he told me a little bit about Daisy’s Grits. Their grits are prepared using extra virgin olive oils, using all local ingredients. The grits are all “home-cooked,” prepared by hand in their little portable kitchen in the food booth. There’s no additives, no trans fats, and no MSG added to any of their grits. There’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available. Instead of adding an intense amount of butter or cream, they make their grits extra tasty by simmering all the ingredients together for hours. This allows the flavors to combine, resulting in a pot of creamy, delicious grits.

I ordered the Hong Kong Spinach grits, which has spinach sauteed in garlic, rice wine and soy sauce. It’s dairy-free and vegan. I enjoyed it very much. It was very cozy and really warmed the stomach especially in the cold weather. The flavors worked well, but while eating it I couldn’t help but wonder how much tastier it could be if there were some sliced shiitake mushrooms or something. The grits did have a really nice texture though.

Their classic grits is simply served with butter, pepper, and their special seasoning. You can enjoy a creamy cheese grits with your choice of cheeses or combinations of cheeses. Their sweet grits include things like Maple Brown Sugar and Apples ‘n Cinnamon. Lastly, they have a selection of savory grits with interesting flavors inspired by grits-like dishes like Italian polenta , Chinese congee and Cuban harina de maiz. Just to name a few, there’s Colombian Chorizo, Creole Chicken, Hong Kong Spinach, Cantonese Crab, and Lobster Grits.

Daisy’s Grits can be found at Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. Follow Daisy’s Grits on Twitter to keep updated with their daily specials.

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