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Sometimes the best meals are home cooked. Cozymeal invites you to experience a type of social dining where you enjoy authentic meals at the comfort of the chef’s home, chat with the chef, and meet other diners in a small group setting.

Traditional Persian eggplant dish

Curious to find out more about Cozymeal? Check out our Q&A with Cozymeal co-founder Samad Nasserian.

How did the concept of Cozymeal come about?

It was on a busy Saturday evening in San Francisco when we wanted to go out for dinner and picked a restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission district. We waited for over 30 minutes in line to get in and when we entered the restaurant it was extremely busy and noisy which made it impossible to have a conversation without having to shout at each other. It took the service forever to take our order and the meal served was only mediocre. At that moment I realized that the best meals I have had have not been in restaurants but rather in homes where there was no line and no unpleasant noise but rather great food in a social atmosphere. This was the moment when the idea for Cozymeal was born.

Guests can find on Cozymeal high-quality and authentic meals with a unique dining experience as well as cooking classes. Chefs can make money on Cozymeal, build up an online reputation and meet new people and share their cooking and cooking skills with them.

Who are the hosts? How are they invited, selected, or screened?

Host range from very good home cooks to professional chefs who have trained all over the world. Chefs apply or we recruit chefs that we love. They go through a Cozymeal vetting process, where Cozymeal staff checks their background, phone screens, and then meets in person to taste their food and also check their host location.

Italian cooking class

The meals and cooking classes come with a proposed donation. What was the notion behind that? How is that determined?

Cozymeal is a marketplace and the chefs set the prices. You don’t pay for a meal until after the meal event when you submit the donation and can increase it if you were very happy with the experience. We introduced the donation concept to further emphasize the concept of the community.

Currently, Cozymeal operates in the San Francisco Bay Area. Any ideas on how many meals have been served so far?

Yes, we have served several 100 meals since our launch a few months ago.

Organic Spanish tapas

What were some of the early Cozymeals like?

The early meals were attended by early adopters and mostly locals while we now also see many tourists use our service.

How has the concept evolved over time?

We’ve begun to add more exciting services, such as cooking classes (, to Cozymeal. By doing so, we can create a more immersive food experience for our users, and also build greater connections between chefs and diners. Also, we offer special experiences like dinners on a boat or market tours.

How do guests find out about Cozymeal? What draws them to try it out?

Often guests hear about Cozymeal through word of mouth and social media. Many are intrigued by the opportunity to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse of a chef’s home. At Cozymeal, you get a gourmet meal from a Cozymeal chef, and can also have an intimate talk with them should you choose to.

What are some of the most popular meals or cooking classes?

Our cooking classes are very popular ( and also since it’s currently summer time, the dinner on a boat meal is very popular:

Peranakan food prepared and served on a boat

What is next for Cozymeal?

We will be expanding to more cities very soon!

Excited to hear that they’ll be expanding to other cities soon. In the mean time, if you’re in or visiting the San Francisco Bay, I encourage you to check out Cozymeal or attend one of their cooking classes.

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