iNG Restaurant: ‘CookiNG Under Pressure’ Episode 1 Video

Home Chicago iNG Restaurant: ‘CookiNG Under Pressure’ Episode 1 Video

Check out the premiere episode of CookiNG Under Pressure, a show about chef Homaro Cantu and mixologist Trevor Rose-Hamblin and their iNG Restaurant.

CookiNG Under Pressure is Restaurant Impossible meets Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Follow world famous Chef Homaro Cantu and his partner Trevor Rose-Hamblin as they attempt to create a ten course themed menu that changes every six weeks. The show begins inside iNG restaurant located on the historical Fulton Market Street in Chicago, and eventually jettisons across the globe as Chef Cantu and his team seek out some of the world’s top chefs for collaboration and inspiration. Together we go on a flavor tripping journey unlike any other as these incredibly talented chefs attempt to overcome impossible challenges as they strive towards culinary perfection.

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