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Clementines are a variety of mandarin oranges. They are the tiniest of mandarin oranges. They are very sweet and usually seedless. The skin is thin and very easy to peel. They are very tasty to munch on.

How to pick your clementines:
Pick ones that have an even orange color. The skin should be healthy looking. Avoid ones that are dried, shrivel looking or blemished.

Clementines, peeled

After you’re done eating all the yummy insides of the fruit, you can save the skins and use it to make some delicious candied clementine peels.

Candied clementine skin, shredded

Here’s a link to a recipe for candied clementine peels.
As a variation, you can also dip them in melted chocolate and refrigerate them to make chocolate covered clementine peels.

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