Clean Cloudy Glassware With The Laundress Scented Vinegar

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Vinegar is very versatile for cleaning. From laundry to home cleaning, it naturally removes odors and effectively cleans. However, the smell of vinegar can sometimes be quite pungent as well. The Laundress recently sent us a sample of their Scented Vinegar. Their product combines their No247 scent with 100% natural corn-derived vinegar to fight germs while providing a refreshing clean smell.

I tried it out by using it to clean my stainless steel thermos bottles. Those bottles can be tricky to clean sometimes and regular dish soap doesn’t always do the job. I put some scented vinegar into the bottle and filled it with boiling water. Let it sit, uncapped, for a few hours (or overnight). Then, empty the bottle, scrub and rinse. It helped remove those tea/coffee stains and the scented vinegar gave it with a nice fresh scent.


Their scented vinegar is great for enhancing the finish of your glassware too. No more cloudy glasses!

Here’s the Laundress guide on How To Clean Cloudy Glassware:

Use the Scented Vinegar in your dishwasher was a rinse aid! Simply add this white vinegar to the rinse aid dispenser and run the machine. Remove glassware that is sparkling, bright, and cloud-free!

Disclaimer: We received samples from The Laundress for trial and review.  No other compensation was made. All opinions expressed are our own. 

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