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Here are pictures from the Chinese New Year feast!

Watercress soup
Watercress, carrots, red dates, goji berries in a homemade chicken broth

Boiled dumplings
The Spinach and Tofu dumplings are ones with the white Shanghai style wrapper. The Mock Beef dumplings are filled with seasoned soy protein and are wrapped in the yellow Hong Kong style wrapper. For the wrappers, I used the Twin Marquis dumpling wrappers.

I wrapped the dumplings in three shapes: pea pod, big hugs, and pleated crescent. I came across these terms from Andrea Nguyen’s Asian Dumplings cookbook. Aside from being an awesome dumpling cookbook with wonderful recipes, it also provides a great description on the many ways for shaping dumplings, with easy directions and simple pictures.

The pea pod is formed by folding the wrapper in half and making a series of pleats from one side to the other. The big hugs is formed by holding the wrapper in half and bringing the two ends together like a “hug”. The pleated crescent is formed by folding pleats along one portion of the wrapper and pressing it against the unpleated edge.

Stir-fry rice noodles
(Shredded flavored tofu, eggs, bean sprouts)

I decided to serve the marinated beef on the side rather than incorporate it into the noodles.

Marinated sliced beef

Vegetarian rice cake from Bread.A Bakery

The food turned out great. Everyone was a happy eater. The soup was a simple, flavorful, and very comforting. The dumplings were awesome as well. The spinach and tofu combination made really light appetizing dumplings. The mock beef dumplings were filled with seasoned soy protein. I used Lightlife Smart Ground veggie protein crumbles as my mock ground beef. These dumplings were quite an interesting experience. The end result was… its appearance looked like beef dumplings, it felt like beef dumplings when you’re chewing it, it was flavored like beef dumplings, but your brain could tell it wasn’t beef. It was my first time using the Lightlife veggie protein crumbles. I like it a lot and plan on using it in future recipes. The noodles looked great and tasted just as great. The marinated beef was yummy too.

Unfortunately, the dessert never happened. I had planned to bake some chocolate walnut brownies, but by the time I was finished with cooking the appetizers and main course, the kitchen was packed and I was out of counter space, or any kind of space. The brownie ingredients are sitting in my pantry right now. They are happy. I think they will be there for a while.

There’s so much food! I packed some of the dumplings and put them in the freezer. I forward chowing down the rest of the food throughout this coming week. Very sweet!

Recipes and even more pictures to come!

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