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We found ourselves back at Chow Town North looking for another meal. The area gets insanely crowded during certain hours and it becomes quite a battle to pick up food, with the long lines and the busyness. We walked over to Buona Beef for some sandwiches. Originally we had the Italian sausage in mind, but they were sold out by that time. Instead, we ordered a Jumbo Hot Dog and an Italian Beef Sandwich.

The Hot Dog was satisfying – a simple Vienna sausage in a hot dog roll. I quickly added some ketchup before stepping aside from the crowd. The hot dog was still warm, which was great. I tend to like my hot dog rolls toasted, but I won’t complain. I gobbled it down quickly as I walked to the next performance. The Italian beef is roasted with their original recipe and served on Italian bread. The Italian Beef sandwich looked pretty soggy as the gravy from the beef soaked through the bread. It looked a little less than appetizing, but tasted pretty alright.

Buona is Italian for “Good”. Buona beef is known for their Italian Beef and Sausage sandwiches/paninis. They also serve handmade pizzas, hand tossed salads, and a list of classic Italian dishes. Their restaurant menus vary according to location, but offer a nice selection – original to grilled to barbeque goodies. Here’s a list of their locations in the suburban Chicago area and their menus.

And don’t forget about dessert! The Buona Signature Cannoli sounds delectable – the description says “a sweet creamy Ricotta and chocolate chip filling in a homemade cannoli shell, topped with a delectable chocolate sauce!” Some locations serve gelato and sundaes too!

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