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There are food trucks like everywhere in New York City nowadays. You can track them on Twitter during the week to find their locations. Some times there’s food truck gatherings where you can find them all at once. New food trucks/carts frequently pop up around the city serving up new specialty items to feed the mass. And with the hot weather, it almost feels like there’s one froyo truck on every other block or so.

In the recent episode of Pulse, “Gourmet Foods Trucking Around NYC,” the BreakThru Radio (BTR) video team went to the streets and asked New Yorkers their thoughts on food trucks and what they have to say about the new trend.

Video Description:

Lately I’ve noticed more and more GOURMET food trucks parked around my labor-hood around lunch time. It’s great to have more options, but I’m guessing that the local restaurants (actually most of them are chains anyways) are getting pissed off because they are the ones paying the rent and losing the business. Or maybe not?? Featured song: “L.A.’s” by Brilliant Colors. Released July 27, 2011

My thoughts… I really enjoy food trucks, food carts, and street food. There’s something about the convenience of grabbing food and eating on the go. Unless you’re hitting up one of the very popular vendors, then you might find yourself waiting on line. On a nice day, it may encourage you to pick up lunch and eat outdoors. Food trucks are also great for late night grub. On the impact of food trucks on restaurant business, I think food trucks add to the variety of food choices, rather than steal the business. Food trucks, even gourmet, tend to focus on a very specific product or offering. There’s always going to be people that refuse to eat out of mobile trucks and occasions when eating at a stationary establishment is more appropriate. If anything, they add to the competition, potentially pushing restaurants to concentrate on their menus and improve on other aspects of the dining experience, especially ones that food trucks can’t offer, like friendly and attentive food service during a meal.

What are your views on food trucks?

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