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I’m a big fan of Breakfast foods. From cereal to pastries to toast, they are all great. Diner foods, I could it it anytime of the day. In particular, I like to eat eggs. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, etc. In any form, it goes deliciously well in my typical two eggs sunny side up with ham, served with slices of wheat toast, order I get at diners.

Here’s a couple of pictures of some Breakfast Fun at home. The dish was omelettes! The best thing about omelettes is that you can put in almost anything you want, and there’s almost no way of messing it up.

Scrambled omelettes, filled with leeks, onion, deli ham, and tomatoes. Served with a slice of Irish soda bread.

Optional: Topped with Sriracha hot sauce!

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