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We stayed at the Royal Palm Hotel, located on 1545 Collins Avenue. It was a great spot, since it was at the center of a lot of local attractions. It’s right next to the beach for one.

Inside this hotel, they have the Britto Restaurant. I believe they’re known for their Italian seafood cuisine.

So one morning, we wanted to try out their breakfast. We noticed that they advertise a $27 breakfast buffet. However, for the two of us, plus the 18% additional gratuity, it would have been one killer expensive breakfast for two. Therefore we decided to scrap the buffet and go with ordering two separate less pricy breakfast dishes.

Salmon lox served with bagel
Lox is pretty much just thinly sliced salmon fillets that’s been smoked or cured.

LOOKY: wow, look at all those colors (above average)
TASTY: it’s a wake up party in my mouth (above average)
Remarks: The salmon lox were extra fresh and extremely tasty. Along with the diced tomatoes, unions, beans, boiled egg, and cream cheese, there was a big party going on, on that side of the table.

Eggs Benedict served with a side of grits
Eggs Benedict have two halves of an English muffin at the bottom and is topped with a big circle of ham, followed by a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. Grits is a kind of Southern food. It’s similar to oatmeal but it’s more of a corn porridge type of thing.

LOOKY: drool enhancing along with a few sparks of confusion (average)
TASTY: it’s wake up party in my mouth (above average)
Remarks: I was so excited when the eggs benedict arrived at the table. I love poached eggs, especially for breakfast. I liked the way this was just like an English muffin sandwich, except with extra cool sauce. I always forget what the hollandaise sauce is called after I eat it. It’s basically a crazy mixture of butter and egg yolks, along with some more mysteries. It’ll be on my list-of-things-to-try-to-make-in-the-future.
Grits, on the other hand, I had no idea what it was. When the waitress offered it to me as my choice of side, I was pretty nervous. I’ve heard of grits but have never tried it. The waitress told me that there’s a lot of ways people like to eat their grits. She brought over some butter and suggested trying grits with the melted butter. She also suggested sprinkling sugar over it. By itself, grits has an interesting texture and a pretty bland taste. (It made me think of what oatmeal might taste like if you threw it in a blender and watered it down.) I enjoyed eating my cup of grits sweet, with sugar. Next time, maybe I’ll try it with some fresh fruits too.

The best part about eating here was the fact that we did not have to go far. We just took the elevator. Plus, there’s an ocean view, so eating breakfast there was very pleasant. We can see the bright skies and sunlight shining through the full size glass windows. Fresh food, great view, and excellent service. In this case, the added gratuity was just.

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