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There was one food concession in Chow Town that I was curious to check out. Chicago Local is partnership between three local Chicago restaurants focusing on the use of sustainable, local, and organic ingredients. Chicago Local offered a vegetarian-friendly menu with Cactus Tostada from Blue 13, Watermelon Japapeno Popsicle from Elate at the Hotel Felix, and Jam‘s Famous French Toast.

I was definitely excited to try Blue 13’s Cactus Tostada. I’ve had cactus fruits in the past, like in the form of prickly pear jam. I’m also a big fan of the refreshing dragonfruit, which also grows on cacti. But, I couldn’t recall ever eating the actual cactus pads.

The Cactus Tostada featured a flat crispy tortilla topped with strips of cactus, tomatoes, onions, salsa, and pieces of cilantro. The strips of cactus reminded me of green beans, both visually and by its texture. It actually tasted a bit like boiled green beans too, but more tender and delicate. The salsa was light and had a nice spicy kick to it. All the ingredients worked together really well, and some how the tortilla was able to keep its crunch under all that.

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