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This past Wednesday, Ben & Jerry’s held an informational and tasting event at The Kitchen NYC. You might have heard that they were launching a new product line this month, or even have seen images. Although they didn’t explicitly say what it was, they hinted that it was going to be “Greekin’ Good.”

Ben & Jerry’s revealed their four flavors of frozen Greek yogurt – Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Fudge Chunk, Banana Peanut Butter, and Blueberry Vanilla Graham. Each flavor combines traditional Green yogurt with Ben & Jerry’s fun and chunky mix-ins.The Greek yogurt is made through a traditional straining process allowing more of the whey to drain out, leaving a thicker, smoother yogurt rick and creamy in texture. It’s higher in protein and lower in calories compared to the Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, and just as tasty and enjoyable.

We were provided samples of each of the flavors. Strawberry Shortcake is strawberry Greek frozen yogurt with short bread pieces. Raspberry Fudge Chunk brings together raspberry Greek frozen yogurt with fudge chunks. Banana Peanut Butter unites banana Greek frozen yogurt with peanut butter swirls. Lastly, the Blueberry Vanilla Graham combines blueberry and vanilla Greek frozen yogurt with graham cracker swirls.

When I heard them announce the Banana Peanut Butter flavor, I tried to stay calm, but I was secretly quite ecstatic about it. I love the pairing of bananas with peanut butter – peanut butter and banana sandwiches, peanut butter and bananas on toast, frozen banana with peanut butter, etc. So, peanut butter and banana in Greek yogurt to mean sounded delightful in so many ways. The Raspberry Fudge Chunk had large chunks of fudge in the yogurt, which was great. I found the flavor combination of the Blueberry Vanilla Graham to work very well. The Strawberry Shortcake was delightful too. But, Banana Peanut Butter… definitely my favorite.

They also assembled peanut butter and banana parfaits and blended strawberry smoothies for us to taste. Definitely enjoyed the parfait. Once again, I’m a huge fan of peanut butter as well as bananas, and together they are wonderful in every form. The smoothie was a bit tart and watery. I tend to prefer my smoothies to be of thicker consistency. So, I went back to enjoying the parfait.

You can find their Frozen Greek Yogurt in supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide and in Ben & Jerry Scoop shops. All the flavors will be available in pints (MSRP $4.39). The Raspberry Fudge Chunk and Banana Peanut Butter will be available in mini-cups (MSRP $1.29). Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops will carry Raspberry, Banana, and Blueberry flavors and also carry Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt for smoothies and parfaits.

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