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I meeting my mom for dinner in Koreatown. We walked up and down 32rd Street trying to pick a restaurant to eat at. We decided to head to BCD Tofu House located at 17 West 32rd Street, New York, NY. We are both big fans of tofu and their tofu soups looked very appealing. The BCD Tofu House is a chain Korean restaurants started in Los Angeles. They are known for their tasty Korean comfort foods and for being the spot to go to for those extra late night meals.

We sat down in one of those booth tables near the middle of the restaurant. The restaurant interior is very modern and stylish, with lots of dark wooden decor.

We were very surprised by the generous portions of banchan (those side dishes) they brought out. It included different types of kimchi, broccoli, bean sprouts, and a whole fried fish for each of us.

My mom ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap, which had seasoned vegetables, a raw egg, chilli pepper paste, and some beef on top of white rice. It is served in a super hot stone pot. As you stir all the ingredients in the stone pot, the raw egg quickly cooks and everything releases a steam. One of the best parts is the outer layer of rice that touches the stone pot. The bottom of the stone pot is coasted with sesame oil which makes the rice on the bottom and the sides of the pot get a nice golden brown color and makes it extra crispy.

I ordered the Seafood Premium Tofu soup, which contains oysters, shrimp, and clams. It is served with white rice. It comes with a raw egg, which you can crack into the stone pot and let it cook while the soup is still boiling hot.

The seafood tofu soup was mostly tofu and only a few pieces of seafood, one of each. It was still very filling. The soup was very tasty and super satisfying.

My mom ate about half her bibimbap and joined me in chowing down the tofu soup. We asked the waiter to wrap up the bibimbap and also some of the remaining kimchi from the banchan. He told us that we are usually not allowed to take home any leftover banchan, but he would permit it this time. Usually I would just put the leftover banchan with my entree that I was getting wrapped up to avoid the awkwardness. It’s probably just part of the restaurant policy to avoid people getting full from the banchan and taking home their entrees. At the same time, the leftover banchan will just go to waste if they didn’t let us take it back with our leftovers.

Anyway, it was an awesome dinner. The food was delicious and left our tummies very satisfied. Awesome comfort food! I would definitely return again. Tofu soups are $9.95 for lunch and $11.95 for dinner.

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