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The other day, I was browsing through my iPhoto library (yes… I’m a Mac user) and I came across some pictures/notes from a lunch I had at Famous Dave’s. Earlier this summer, I went through a stage where I had this major craving for barbeque food.

Being from New York, I have always heard wonderful things about Dinosaur BBQ. They are known for their hardcore, bad ass, biker atmosphere, and their attitude-filled menu. I have heard notorious things about their bad ass pulled pork plate, Texas style beef briskets, and their half a barbeque chicken. They also sell a large variety of their signature sauces and meat rubs. The original restaurant is in Syracuse, but they also have locations in Rochester and Harlem. I still haven’t dined there before, but Dinosaur is definitely on my must visit list. Enough trailing off…

Anyway I was craving for some awesome barbeque food, and so when I came across Famous Dave’s I had to check it out. I have never heard of this chain, but the restaurant looked fun… with a pig chef firing up some ribs (yeah, total cannibalism there).

Famous Dave’s is a franchise chain that originated from the Wisconsin and Minnesota area. They offer southern style BBQ and their menu highlights include their barbeque ribs, barbeque chicken, and beef briskets. The location I went to was at the Waterworks Mall in 911 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA.

RIBS w/ corn on a cob, corn bread, and fries!

CHEESEBURGER w/ mashed sweet potato!

The food was pretty good. It was very heavy, greasy and filling (pretty expected from a BBQ shack). It leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction along with a side of guilt. The ribs were delectable and the sauces were a lot of fun. They have a handful of signature sauces… Rich and Sassy, Georgia Mustard, Texas Pit, Sweet and Zesty, and the Devil’s Spit… placed nicely in a six pack cardboard container. Of course, I had to have my side of sweet potatoes, served mashed. The sweet potatoes were sweet enough, and the brown sugar on top was just unnecessary. It was a fun lunch. The food was good and the pricing was very reasonable for the insane amount of food.

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