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I received two boxes of Bauducco Panettone as part of a Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Bauducco Panettone, one with Sun-Maid raisins and the other with Hershey’s chocolate chips.

I wasn’t too familiar with panettone, but it certainly looked appealing to me. Panettone is a type of Italian sweet bread/cake, usually enjoyed during the Christmas holidays. The rich, sweet bread often contains pieces of dried fruit, like citrus peel or raisins, or chocolate chips, but may also be plain. Panettone can be enjoyed by the slice, and pairs well with a cup of hot beverage, like hot chocolate, or a glass of sweet dessert wine, like Moscato. In addition, it’s also great for French toast, bread pudding, and stuffing recipes too.

I brought the Bauducco Panettone with Hershey’s chocolate chip to work to share. The package got a little roughed up during shipping, but the bread held its shape for the most part. The panettone loaf was large and looked very fluffy, even though it had a few dents. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. The bread was very airy and soft, but at the same time, very rich and buttery in taste. I can’t imagine eating large pieces of it in one sitting though. The sweet and richness may be overwhelming after a slice. It goes very well with a hot cup of coffee, which I found to help counterbalance the richness of the bread.

I look forward to trying out these recipe ideas from Bauducco. The bread pudding, French toast, and mini panettone and nutella sandwiches all look pretty fantastic.

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