Banana Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe for your Sporty Lifestyle (VIDEO)

Home Videos Banana Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe for your Sporty Lifestyle (VIDEO)
Banana Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe for your Sporty Lifestyle (VIDEO)

Protein smoothies are great as an energy boosting breakfast, a post-workout meal, or as an easy-to-make snack when it’s just not convenient to prep a full meal. They can be nourishing, satiating, and hydrating especially during hot weather times.

My process for blending together a delicious smoothie is simple. First, I choose a fruit base. I like to stash away frozen bananas in the freezer for this exact purpose. (Frozen bananas are also great for making soft serve ice cream, but that’s a different post.) I find half a frozen medium banana to give just enough sweetness and texture to the smoothie. Next comes the protein powder. The quality and type of protein powder will influence the taste and texture of the smoothie. I use Modus Nutrition Plant-based Protein for several reasons. Mainly because it’s non-dairy, gluten-free, nothing artificial, no added sugars, incorporates quality plant protein sources, BCAA’s, and comes in delicious chocolate flavor. It blends very nicely and there’s no gritty or chalky texture. (Read more about it here.)

Then for my liquid base, I like to use some variety of non-dairy milk. I often rotate between coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, flax milk. Currently, I’ve got Califia Farms Coconut Almond Blend in my fridge. Depending on how you like the consistency of your smoothie, you can add as little or as much ice as you like. Everything goes into a high-speed blender like the handy, always impressive Vitamix. I also like to add some spices for additional nutritional benefits. A simple classic pumpkin spice mix is nice one because it has cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, all providing a mix of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive properties. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial for muscle recovery. Lastly, I top off with some crushed nuts, because a little something crunchy onto of the thick smoothie is always a nice touch.

Banana Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe


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