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I’m back from Boston. I had a wonderful time there, but it definitely feels great to be back. Although I was busy most of the day during the week, I did manage to have some adventures and eat some tasty food. Some places I wandered to include: Faneuil Hall marketplace, Chinatown, and Harvard Square. My eating agenda included a bowl of clam chowder, a simple but tasty lobster roll, and pretty much dish with seafood. I took a handful of pictures and will be posting about my eating adventures in Boston throughout this week.

The drive…
It is about a 4 hour drive to Boston. It was not a bad drive, but coming across a Tim Horton’s midway was very helpful. I’m always up for a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate donut. I’m a huge Dunkin Donuts fan, but Tim Horton’s strikes my fancy as well, for two reasons, mainly b/c: (1) I don’t encounter Tim Horton’s often, and (2) it reminds me of the fun times in Toronto.

While I was away…
I was excited to find out that while I was in Boston, I received a nice package back home from Lauren. She shipped me some of her delicious pestos (Check it out: Pestos with Panache by Lauren). Thanks so much, Lauren! I’m thinking blueberry pestos popovers. I will gave that a try later this week.

Now that I’m back, there is about 2 more weeks of Operation: Eat Pantry remaining. I’m not sure how much time I will have to actually cook anything, but here are a couple of dishes I have in mind: blueberry pestos popovers, risotto cooked in tea, baked salmon with cardamon pepper and spices, tofu omelettes, dumplings.

Stay tuned for posts on my eating adventures in Boston as well as more recipes from the kitchen as I get back to eating out of the pantry.

For the mean time, here’s a picture of what I made for lunch today. It surely feels nice to be at a kitchen after a whole week of dining out.

Vegetable curry over rice with extra veggies on the side

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