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One late evening, we ventured over to the Little Italy area of Toronto. We were in the mood for sushi and was looking for Sushi Island, located at 571 College St. It was pretty late in the evening and they had stopped offering their All you can eat special (which starts from about $14). Therefore, we were only able to order from their regular menu. Here are some highlights.

I think this was a pity salad. This is probably the tiniest salad I’ve ever seen.

Sushi boat platter with 36 pieces

Downtown roll (Eel, tobiko, cucumber, and cream cheese)

Brown rice sushi (Brown rice with seaweed bits and black sesame seeds)

Sushi Island was a pretty good place. The sushi was alright. They were probably close to closing their kitchen when we arrived. That explains the pity salads they offered us, since we were not expecting complimentary salads with our sushi plates. Brown rice sushi is always a neat thing to try. The atmosphere was kind of nice as well. They had these folding panel doors, which gave an outdoor dining atmosphere. Also, we were quite entertained by the drunkards leaving the nearby bars and screaming on the streets. The dining experience probably would have been better during late afternoon/dinner hours. I am very curious about their All you can eat menu though.

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