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We were craving for some good breakfast foods, like eggs, ham, toasts, omelettes, and that good stuff. We went to the hotel information desk and asked for some recommendations for local diner places. The lady at the desk picked up an area map and drew some circles. She gave the names of two diner/breakfast restaurants. She referred to Sunset Grill as a regular casual diner and the Eggspectations as a more upscale diner. They were both about two blocks away. We thanked her for her help and walked away staring at the map, trying to decide which of the two places to check out.

We decided to hit up Sunset Grill located on 1 Richmond St. West (at Yonge and Richmond). We were a little intimidated by the idea of going to an upscale diner for breakfast. We were simply craving breakfast foods, but nothing too fancy, and so, a regular diner would hit the spot.

After we were seated, we quickly looked through the menu and placed our orders. I decided to go for their fluffy pancakes and a side of eggs, and my buddy ordered a ham, bacon, and cheese omelette. While we waited for our food, we looked around the restaurant. For a regular, casual diner, this place looked pretty neat. It wasn’t super fancy, but it had nice lighting and simple interior.

Here was our breakfast:
Fluffy pancakes

Side of eggs (they come in threes)

Ham, bacon, and cheese omelette with a side of potatoes

Some toast

The breakfast was good and filling. This place was definitely a great choice for breakfast. The service was great. The waitstaff was friendly. I remember our waiter having a very very deep voice. The prices were reasonable and portions were good. The pancakes were really fat and fluffy indeed, and I was stuffed after about 3 pieces. They were so good, I didn’t want to waste it and packed it up in a takeout box. It would make a great snack for later the day. We had a good breakfast experience here, but we were quite curious about this more upscale diner that the lady at the hotel mentioned. We decided to check out Eggspectations on the following day.

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