Adventures in Toronto: Poutine at Harvey’s

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We have been walking around Toronto doing touristy things, like visiting the CN Tower, and we were hungry. We were craving for a snack that would fuel us up until dinner time. We came across a Harvey’s fast food restaurant. I remember seeing a bunch of them across the city. Apparently, they are like the second largest Canadian food chain, after Tim Horton’s. My buddy suggested to go stop by and grab some poutine. Poutine? What’s that?

Poutine: french fries topped with fresh cheese curds and hot gravy

The french fries are regular sized fries. The cheese curd is at about room temperature. The chunks of cheese are placed top of the warm fries. The gravy is super hot and is poured over the cheese curds and french fries. The gravy will start to melt some of the cheese, so eat it immediately before everything turns too soggy. It is similar to cheese fries, except it’s cheese curds instead of melted cheddar cheese. However, it’s probably one of the least healthy things to eat.
It was my first time trying this dish. It was a very tasty and filling snack. I wasn’t able to too much of it though. After a while, I felt there was too much gravy and cheese, and it was all starting to taste too heavy. I still enjoyed the poutine, though. I’m sure the next time I’m in Canada, I’ll definitely grab another serving.

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