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While roaming around the streets of Toronto at the late hours, we came across a small hole in the wall restaurant located at 558 Queen St. West. Pat’s Homestyle Jamaican Restaurant is this tiny but very friendly and casual looking restaurant. It can probably hold 6 people with their limited seating against the window and the wall. It is a great place for takeout. Their menu was small and simple, and included oxtails, jerked chicken, stew chicken, and other popular Jamaican/Carribean dishes. The best parts about tiny individually owned restaurants is the casual environment and the crazy delicious dishes. Also, the owner, Pat, is right there serving you his awesome dishes and making friendly chatter with his guests.

(The night time picture didn’t turn out too well, so I took this picture in the day time on the following day.)

It was about 10:30 or 11pm and our eyes glittered when we saw noticed that they were still opened and serving dinner. They offered their dishes in small and large sizes. Of course, I had to order their oxtail stew with rice and beans. It was delicious. The oxtail was very tender and contained chewy cartilage. The sauce was flavorful and a little bit more thicker than other oxtail stew I’ve tried. They also give you a little coleslaw on the side. Don’t let the food presentation and takeout box fool you. It was so tasty, we made a second visit during our stay in Toronto.

Small oxtail with rice and beans

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