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This cutesy logo caught my attention as we passed by. I’m a big fan of monkeys, and anything with a monkey almost instantly catches my attention. Johnny Banana is a small Mexican food place located at 181 Bathurst St near Queen St West. Even though it’s a small restaurant, the simple, clean and bright interiors give the place a fun and hip look.

Their menu is relatively small. It’s like a fast food place serving burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and etc. They also serve beer. When you place your order, you work with the server while he assembles your burrito to your liking. I ordered a small chicken burrito with mole sauce, plus guacamole. This picture does the burrito no justice.

Great burrito! Fresh ingredients. My burrito was a bit runny from too much mole sauce, but other than that it was a delectable burrito. The price was good too. My small, but appetizing and filling, burrito was about $5.75 CAD.

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