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We thought Sunset Grill was pretty neat, but just had to check out the other breakfast restaurant the lady at the hotel suggested. Eggspectations was located on 220 Yonge St. This place had really nice decor. It’s definitely on the fancier scale of diners. The restaurant was dimly lit and had a nice atmosphere. I thought it was kind of cute that their door knobs were shaped like eggs.

This is the cover of their menu. I really like their logo. It’s adorable!

Their menu was quite impressive. They had the regular items, like eggs, meat, bagels, etc. and they had pages of their signature dishes, with fun names often starting with the prefix “Egg-“. The restaurant also had a bar. Sweet! They listed some of their special alcoholic coffee beverages. We thought it would be quite nice to enjoy a White Russian (or something similar) along with our breakfast.

We ordered two of the Eggspectation signature dishes. Here’s what we had for breakfast:
Smoked salmon, grilled tomatoes and two eggs (any style), with capers, onions and toasted bagel.

Corned beef hash, two eggs (any style), grilled potatoes, served with toast and chef’s fruit garnish.

Coffee and alcohol for breakfast

Breakfast was awesome, especially when served with coffee liquor! The restaurant were a bit pricey for breakfast, but the service was great and the food was worth its value. The portions were plentiful. The corned beef hash was not too salty. The breakfast was not too oily or greasy. I really liked their side of grilled potatoes. I packed away some leftover potatoes and toasts. Their signature dishes were about $10+ CAD. The alcoholic beverages were about $6-7 CAD each. We were on quite rampage that morning; having a big breakfast and alcoholic drinks with breakfast. Nonetheless, it was fun to treat ourselves to a fancy breakfast in an awesome foreign city.

We were quite stuffed, but we did save a little room for just a slice of french toast. Yay, french toast!
Slice of french toast

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