Milwaukee’s spy-themed restaurant: A visit to Safe House

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Milwaukee’s spy-themed restaurant: A visit to Safe House

While visiting downtown Milwaukee, we went to check out the Safe House, a spy-themed restaurant with a discreet entrance and requires a password to enter. We’ve heard some interesting buzz about it and was curious to check it out for ourselves. The entrance is in the alley way. We might have missed it if it wasn’t for the a-frame signs advertising their lunch specials.

If you don’t know the password, you’ll be given a chance to prove that you’re a friendly spy by completing their clearance test. There might be dancing. There might be singing. You might have to put on disguises and use props. Your spy skills are live broadcasted to the guests (spies) already inside.

Once granted access, you’re seated to your table. At your table, there’s a menu filled with spy-themed foods and beverages along with a scavenger hunt card that takes you around the space.

We placed our food orders and went to explore the space with our scavenger hunt card.

There’s spy memorabilia all over the walls, hidden puzzles to solve, and a photo booth too. Inside the women’s restroom, look for a notable portrait of Burt Reynolds with a red heart.

After exploring the space, we returned to our table to find our food. We ordered the Fried C4 Cheese Curds, which is made with Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds, along with a classic Spy Burger. We weren’t too excited about the food offerings and mainly stopped by to check out the space and atmosphere. The food was typical bar food and quite greasy.

The space is fun to check out. They have events and entertainment through the week – from magic shows to trivia night to dance party. It would be fun spot for birthday parties, family fun, happy hours, and Sunday brunch. Safe House is located at 779 N Front St in Milwaukee, WI. They also have a Chicago location at 60 E Ontario St.

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