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Photo via Umami BurgerCalifornia’s Umami Burger officially arrived in New York City this morning with the opening of a Greenwich Village location at 432 Sixth Avenue. New to Umami? Here’s an overview:

Umami-rich ingredients The five basic tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umagi, which loosely means “delicious” in Japanese. Umami Burger makes hamburgers and dishes incorporating this lesser known savory fifth taste.

Not a burger chain Founder Adam Fleischman considers Umami a restaurant group instead of a burger chain, meaning one should expect something different at each location. Unlike chains, such as fellow West Coast burger phenomenon Shake Shack, Fleischman wants each of his locations to have its own unique dishes in addition to its classic burgers. In the Greenwich Village, try the 5 Spice Duck burger and Umami French Dip burger.

Drink up The Greenwich location, which has two floors and a capacity of around 130, has full bar service featuring creative cocktails such as the Bloody Mary with “Umami dust.”

The Greenwich Village location is the first of three NYC locations to open in the near future. Next year NYC will see Umami locations in Williamsburg and Brookfield Place. Besides Greenwich Village, Umami currently has 18 locations in California and one in Florida. On the horizon are spots in Las Vegas, Philly and Washington, D.C.

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