5 Super Easy Cinco de Mayo Drink Recipes

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Looking for ideas on what to serve or drink on Cinco de Mayo? Here’s five drink recipes to help get you started.

1. Jose Cuervo Margarita
Enjoy the margarita straight up, blended, or on the rocks

2. Paloma
In America, we don’t have too many popular cocktails containing grapefruit soda or juice. But in Mexico, this is a super popular drink made with grapefruit soda such as Jarritos, Fresca or Squirt.

3. Sake Sangria
Invoke some Asian fusion into your traditional Cinco de Mayo drink.

4. Frozen Sangria
A recipe to make classic frozen sangria, quickly with the help of a blender.

5. Lime In The Coconut
Shake up this lime, pineapple, coconut cocktail with this recipe.

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