NYC Veggie Pride Parade 2011 Highlights

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Last Sunday May 15th, I stopped by the 4th Annual NYC Veggie Pride Parade as they arrived at Union Square Park for the post parade rally and activities. It was a gloomy and rainy day but the weather did not stop the parade participants from expressing their vegetarian/vegan pride. On the veggie stage, organizer Pamela Rice gave a welcoming remark and the program followed with more speaker presentations and performances.

There were a number of exhibitors tabling around the park, including free local food to enjoy and samples from food providers too. Whole Earth Bakery shared vegan pizza, cookies, and chocolate cake. Brooklyn’s V-Spot handed out their delectable empanadas. Sabra handed out samples of their classic hummus along with bags of Stacy’s twice baked pita chips. YisRoyal handed out samples of cookies made from their gourmet vegan cook dough. Raw Revolution gave samples of their organic live food bar.

Other exhibitors included various local organizations, animal-right groups, and more. Just to name few… Delicious TV was there promoting their Totally Vegetarian cooking show and cookbook. Actually, I’ve been a subscriber to their cooking podcast for quite a while. The each episode shares a recipe that is simple and entertaining. Radha Agrawal, creator of Super Sprowtz, shared with me her inspiration to educate children about food and nutrition through storytelling. The story books follow the action adventures of super-powered vegetables like Colby Carrot and Zach Zucchini (who were both in attendance at the event). The Farm Sanctuary’s Just Eats Tour van was present too. In celebrating their 25th anniversary, Farm Sanctuary’s president and co-founder Gene Baur is traveling across the country in his oldschool Volkswagen van “exploring the food, people and places sparkling a national awakening towards conscious consumption and respect for farm animals.” There was also a soapbox testimonial station, where attendees were encourage to share their stories and speak their minds about vegetarianism, veganism, etc.

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