Yoplait Introduces Lactose-free Yogurt


As someone who lives with lactose intolerance, I often have to pass on foods that contain dairy or find other alternatives. Lactose intolerance prevents you from properly digesting lactose, a natural sugar found in dairy products. As a result, you might feel bloated, experience discomfort, or an upset stomach, and those are things you’d generally don’t want.

One of the foods I have to avoid is mainstream yogurt and turn to soy yogurt instead. I have no problem with soy yogurt and I find it delicious, but lactose-free yogurt could be enjoyable too. The other day, I heard about Yoplait’s new line of lactose-free yogurts and now I’m very curious to give it a try.

This yogurt is 99% fat free with no artificial sweeteners and contains 50% of the daily value of calcium, with vitamins A and D in every cup. They are available in four flavors – Strawberry, Peach, French Vanilla and Cherry. I believe it became available in supermarkets this month. I’ll keep my eyes out for it. If you’ve tried it, I’d be interested to know what you think.

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