Warming up with a bowl of pho tai at Le’s Pho in Uptown


What better to warm up on a cold, chilly day than with a large, hot bowl of noodle soup. I like to warm up with a bowl of Vietnamese Pho Tai. The beef broth is savory and aromatic. The noodles are filing. The toppings and sauces put the finishing touches. One of my go-to spots for pho is Le’s Pho in Argyle. Generous portions, fresh ingredients, authentic tastes, and so satisfying.

Pho refers to a soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and some meat. Pho tai refers to the noodle soup topped with rare sliced beef. The thinly sliced beef enters the soup rare, and is partially cooked when it arrives at your table. The beef cooks almost instantly once to completely submerge it into the bowl of hot broth. The noodles are served with a side of Thai basil leaves, bean sprouts, sliced jalapenos, and a couple wedges of lime.

Pho tai, beef noodle soup with sliced steak

Le’s Pho is located at 4925 North Broadway, Chicago, IL. They have a variety of pho to choose from, each featuring different cuts of meat all served in their beef broth. There’s also pho ga (chicken) that uses a chicken broth as well as a seafood pho. In addition, Le’s Pho offers an extensive menu of Vietnamese cuisine with delicious appetizers, salads, vermicelli noodle salads, rice dishes, other noodle soups, and banhmi sandwiches too.

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