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The Korean Mobile Kitchen is driving around NYC serving FREE lunch, weekdays from 11:30am to 2:00pm, from April 18th through May 20th! Follow @TasteofKoreaNYC on Twitter and/or check their Facebook page for more information. Sounds awesome, don’t you think? How can I resist? I plan on checking out the truck once a week or so. (If I could, I’d totally chase it around every day.) It’s a great way to sample delicious foods from a bunch of Korean restaurants. I’ll post pictures below over the next few weeks. yay!

Here’s the tentative schedule for the week, but check their Twitter or Facebook page for any changes and location updates:

Week Five:
5/16: Don’s BOGAM – LA Galbi – 40th St. between 5th & 6th Ave.
5/17: Don’s BOGAM – Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly BBQ) – Columbus Circle
5/18: Don’s BOGAM – Spicy Pork Bulgogi – Park Ave. between 26th & 27th
5/19: Kang Suh Restaurant – LA Galbi – 6th Avenue on 52nd St.
5/20: Kang Suh Restaurant – Spicy Pork Bulgogi – Union Square (Union Square West at 15th St.)

Week Four:
5/9: BCD Tofu House – Tofu Soup – 40th St. between 5th & 6th Ave.
5/10: BCD TOfu House – Tofu Soup – 5th Ave at 43rd St
5/11: Jun Kip– Kimchi Fried Rice – Broadway at 35th St
5/12: Jun Kip – Kimchi Fried Rice – Park Ave between 26th & 27th St
5/13: HamJiBak – Japchae – Union Square West at 15th St

Week Three:
5/2: Don’s BOGAM – Jeon – Park Ave and 59th Street
5/3: Don’s BOGAM – Jeon – 6th Ave and 52nd Street
5/4: HamJiBak Restaurant – Bulgogi – Canal Street at Lafayette
5/5: B-Bap Restaurant – Bibimbap – 58th Street between Park and Lexington
5/6: B-Bap Restaurant – Bibimbap – Park Ave between 26th and 27th

Week Two:
4/25: Kang Suh Restaurant – Bulgogi – Park Ave and 59th St
4/26: Kang Suh Restaurant – Bulgogi – Park Ave between 25th and 26th St
4/27: San Soo Gap San Restaurant – Japchae – Broadway at 35th St
4/28: San Soo Gap San Restaurant – Japchae – Canal St at Lafayette
4/29: Kang Suh Restaurant – Kimchi Fried Rice – 5th Ave at 43rd St

Week One:
4/18: Danji – Bulgogi Filet Mignon Slider – Bryant Park (40th St. at 6th Ave)
4/19: Danji – Spicy Pork Belly Slider – 52nd St and 6th Ave
4/20: Danji – Short Rib Slider – Columbus Circle
4/21: Danji – Bulgogi Brisket Slider – Park Ave. between 26th and 25th
4/22: Danji – Spicy Pork Belly Slider – Union Square West @ corner of 15th St.

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