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Destination Miami: Planet Sushi

I think it was the atmosphere and the layout of this restaurant that caught my attention first. It had a very hip and trendy feel to it. The furniture was monotone, but the splash of pinkish light from the sushi bar in the back made the restaurant vibrant. The restaurant was pretty dimly light in...

Destination Miami: Sushi Siam

Sushi Siam (located on 647 Lincoln Road) It was our second night in Miami, and we decided to check out another restaurant on Lincoln Road. Sushi Siam. Just as the name of the restaurant suggested, it offered a combination of Japanese and Thai food. There was a lot of outdoor seating. Peeking in through the...

Destination Miami: Sushi Samba

It was my first night at Miami. I was tired, grouchy and hungry when I arrived at the Miami International Airport. My flight was delayed for a lovely 2 hours and by the time I got off the plane the sun was already down. Once we got to South Beach, we checked into the hotel,...

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