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Sail Away Coffee Co delivers nitro cold brew to your door


There’s cold brew coffee and then there’s nitro cold brew coffee. First of all, what makes cold brew coffee so special? When you order an iced coffee, it’s typically made from concentrated hot coffee that’s been cooled and poured over ice. The process is a bit different for cold brew coffee, which takes much longer to make than regular iced coffee. Cold brew coffee is ground coffee steeped in cold water and left to sit for anywhere from 12-24 hours and sometimes longer. It’s then strained and chilled, and enjoyed over ice. The steeping process produces a coffee beverage with a smooth flavor that is less bitter and acidic than regular iced coffee. Cold brew is also great because you can keep it chilled in the fridge without the fear of getting the bitter, stale iced coffee taste. Nitro cold brew takes cold brew coffee to the next level by infusing it with nitrogen gas. This creates a smooth, rich, and foamy texture, often compared to that of a Guinness beer (without the alcohol).

Long Island’s Sail Away Coffee Co. recently launched their brand new canned nitro cold brew. Previously their nitro cold brew can be found on tap at select restaurants, cafes, and bar, but now are also available in convenient individual cans.

They come in three flavors. The unsweetened one is perfect for coffee drinkers that enjoy their coffee simple and dark. There’s also one that’s lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar for coffee drinkers that enjoy a little sweetness in their coffee. Lastly, there’s a sea salt and caramel that unites light sweetness from natural cane sugar and saltiness locally-sourced from Amagansett Sea Salt Co.


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