Destination Miami: Sushi Siam

Sushi Siam (located on 647 Lincoln Road) It was our second night in Miami, and we decided to check out another restaurant on Lincoln Road. Sushi Siam. Just as the name of the restaurant suggested, it offered a combination of Japanese and Thai food. There was a lot of outdoor seating. Peeking in through the glass windows, you can see their sushi bar and the chefs preparing these awesome sushi boats (which we also decided to order). There was also a live performance on Lincoln Road that night. Conveniently, our table was nearby the stage. So, having dinner outdoors while...

Destination Miami: Sushi Samba

It was my first night at Miami. I was tired, grouchy and hungry when I arrived at the Miami International Airport. My flight was delayed for a lovely 2 hours and by the time I got off the plane the sun was already down. Once we got to South Beach, we checked into the hotel, dropped off my luggage, and quickly began searching for the nearest hotspot to find some dinner. The lady at the Front Desk of the hotel recommended to head over to Lincoln Road. The night view of Lincoln Road was pretty amazing. It’s this long road...

A short message from

Unfortunately to say, I’ve been a little behind schedule with my postings. I just came back from my week long trip at Miami, FL. I stayed at South Beach and the area was amazing. I ate at so many restaurants there, took many pictures, and I have so much to share. Please stay tuned.

Destination Chicago: Ken Kee Restaurant

Ken Kee Restaurant, a small restaurant located in Chinatown with lots of yummy Cantonese and Hong Kong style dishes on their menu. Two things that caught my eye! 1. Cheap prices! 2. Authentic Cantonese fast food (not the Americanized ones you find with names like “Happy Dragon Lucky Chinese restaurant”)! The wait was long (well, we did have a party of 4-5). The restaurant was pretty crowded. The service is probably not the best out there, but a very typical Chinese restaurant. They’re not rude, but I think they just concentrate on serving the food rather than pampering the customers....

Destination Chicago: Cozy Noodles

Me – “Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with some directions?” Store clerk – “Sure.” Me – “Do you know how to get to this Thai restaurant with the sewing machines and lots of toys?” Store clerk – “Of course! Go down this road and you’ll see it in a few blocks on the left.” As I was asking for the directions, I noticed how absurd the words I was saying sounded. “Thai restaurant with the sewing machines and lots of toys” Surprisingly, the clerk knew exactly what I was talking about. And so, I was happy....

Taste of Chicago

So while I was in Chicago, I went to check out the Taste of Chicago at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. It’s an annual event, pretty much this huge food festival where lots of local restaurants sell their specialty dishes!! In fact, I believe it’s the world’s LARGEST food festival. This year it was held from June 29 to July 8. Along with the food vendors, they also offer live music and performances.

Destination Chicago: Tank Noodles

Right off the Argyle station stop on the red-line of the Chicago CTA, we come across what is known as New Chinatown (well, it’s more like Vietnamese-town, really). I love Vietnamese food. We were hungry, and there were so many Vietnamese restaurants on that street. But there… at the corner of Argyle and Broadway, we see it’s awning hovering above us… And so, here I present to you: My Lunch at Tank Noodles.

Today is 7-11 Day!!!

Slurpees are one of my favorite frozen drinks ever since I was a little kid. It’s so refreshing and those brain freezes you get when you drink it too fast… wow, who can forget those. On 7-11 Day, 7-Eleven stores gives out complimentary 7.11oz Slurpees!!! (Too bad they don’t have one here where I am right now… closest one is like 30+ miles away.) It’s not often that I encounter a 7-Eleven store. I know they do exist in New York City, but I just never really come across them.

LookyTasty: The Beginning

Lately, I’ve been traveling quite a lot. Traveling means that you’ll probably not be cooking and will end up eating at quite a few restaurants. Whenever I go out to eat, I always liked taking photos of the dishes that I order. I think it has something to do with capturing the moment, before I rampage through the dish and chow it all down. (Actually, I find myself rarely able to finish the food that I order, portions are often too huge… but that’s besides the point here.)Anyway, I ended up with a collection of photos of some good looking...