Mi Amigo’s Mexican Grill, Phoenix, AZ


Here are some pictures from dinner at Mi Amigo’s Mexican Grill. This restaurant is located at 455 N 3rd St. Phoenix, AZ 85004, in the retail area of the Arizona Center. It’s an open air complex with a variety of restaurants, specialty retail stores and tourist souvenir shops. The layout is pretty neat, looks like a open courtyard. There’s a fountain in the open area and a mini stage. There was a pianist performing that late afternoon.

Chips and Salsa
After taking down your drink order, they bring out a large basket of complimentary chips and a side of salsa.

Here’s what I ordered for my main course:
Fish Taco Platter
Two fish tacos served with mango tomatillo salsa, rice and beans

It was a great dining experience. The restaurant has a fun atmosphere, and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. I always enjoy outdoor seating on a nice day. The soft fish tacos were tasty. The ingredients were fresh. The waitstaff was friendly even though the service was a little slow.
The complimentary chips and salsa was awesome. The salsa was really tasty, it was nice and super chunky.

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