La Madeleine Country French Cafe


La Madeleine (@lamadeleinecafe) is a country French cafe franchise popular in Texas with additional locations in Washington D.C., Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and Virginia. It’s a cafe, bakery and restaurant where you can stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a cup of Joe. There’s a nice selection of soups, salads, cold and hot sandwiches, pastas, crepes and plenty of treats.

Free wi-fi is offered, but you’re more likely to find people there to eat and hang out rather than to do work or study.


Chocolate croissant (left) and lemon Madeleine (right).

Fancy smancy coffee cups with a comfortable felt-like texture

Tiramisu mini parfait

Lemon tart

AHLO sketch comedy videos

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  1. torviewtoronto

    November 16, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    lovely pictures and food

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