In case you missed it: IKEA Pop-up Store visited Chicago Aug 23rd-Aug26th


If you were in Wicker Park, you might have noticed the IKEA Pop-up store during the last weekend of August. An IKEA in the city? That would be pretty awesome. The IKEA Pop-up store didn’t sell anything, but still provided an IKEA experience with interesting room displays, furniture to sit on, and their well known Swedish meatballs. The Pop-up was organized to celebrate 75 years of IKEA as well as the launch of their new 2019 catalog. The Pop-up ran from August 23rd through 26th and displayed four homes as featured in the new catalog.

In addition, the experience also included a trivia game on your mobile phone with 75 questions and a chance to win IKEA goodies. While you’re waiting in line to enter the rooms, the staff made sure you’re all set up on your phone to play the trivia game. You located QR codes attached to specific IKEA items in each room. When you scan the QR code with your phone, it will display a fun fact followed by a trivia question. You get 8 seconds to answer the question and points are collected for each correct response. When you’ve located all 75 items and answered all the questions, you can go redeem a gift and stop by the meatball bar for some meatballs.

Just in case you missed it, here’s a peek into the IKEA Pop-up Store.

Explore rooms.

Redeem prize and eat meatballs.

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