Chicago New Bag Tax Effective February 1st


Chicago recently repealed its ban on plastic bags at stores, but will put in effect its new shopping bag tax starting February 1st. Next time you go to the store, you’ll be charged 7 cents for each bag, whether paper or plastic. Five cents from the new tax will go to the city, the other two cents will go to stores. So remember to bring your own bag when possible.

Bags given out by stores that are exempt from the new tax include:
• those provided for prescription drugs
• bags used to prevent certain food items, such as raw meat, from contaminating other food or merchandise
• those used to bag loose bulk items like fruit, vegetables, nuts, small hardware, etc.
• take-out or dine-in bags
• bags for wrapping prepared food or baked goods at stores
• those used for holding flowers or potted plants
• bags containing frozen foods

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