Best Chicago craft beers, according to Chicago Magazine


Chicago Magazine has released its list of the best 62 beers in Chicago, as well as the best in 11 styles. The full list of 62 is here. For the average beer drinker (like myself), these are a lot of beers to keep an eye on.

Best American-Style Pale Ales (Tie)
Half Acre’s Akari Shogun
Lake Bluff Brewing Co.’s Gamma Ray

India Pale Ale
Tighthead’s Irie IPA

Best Ambers and Reds
Brindle’s Amber Ale

Best Belgians
Haymarket’s Angry Birds Belgian IPA

Best Blondes
Tighthead’s Comfortably Blonde

Best Browns
Goose Island’s Nut Brown

Best Double IPAs
Pipeworks’ Ninja vs. Unicorn

Best Porters
Ale Syndicate’s Richie

Best Lagers
Church Street’s Heavenly Helles

Best Stouts
Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout

Best Wheats
5 Lizard’s 5 Rabbit

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