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After arriving in Chicago for just about 24 hours, my first destination was Lollapalooza! Woo-hoo! I visit Chicago every August and always look forward to it. This was be my 3rd Lolla, but the first time I attended more than one day of the three-day music festival. The headliners this year included Muse, Coldplay, Eminem, and Foo Fighters. Sure Lollapalooza is a music festival, but there’s also an awesome selection of local Chicago eats handpicked by Chicago chef Graham Elliot. With the two Chow Towns and over 30 vendors, it was like going to a food festival too! For this reason, I was thrilled about the music lineup, but also very excited about what I’d be eating during the event.

Of course, there’s the lobster corn dog and truffle popcorn from Grahamwich. Hot dogs, burgers, pizzas were there too. Menu items were labeled with friendly V’s and G’s for people following Vegetarian, Vegan, and/or Gluten-Free diets. In addition to Chow Town, there’s also the Lederhosen’s Biergarten. I was surprised and impressed with the vegetarian options available. There seemed to be quite a number of vegetarian offerings this year – from salads and wraps to baos and samosas to even vegan ice cream. Crescent Foods had an all vegetarian menu. Chicago Local, which was a partnership between three local Chicago restaurants (Blue 13, Elate, and Jam) also put together a vegetarian-friendly selection. So what did I end up eating at Lollapalooza? Well, that’s going to be another post or two or three. For now, enjoy the recap and photos.

On Friday, I saw Foster The People, Twin Cinema Club, A Perfect Circle, Crystal Castles, and evening headliners Muse and Coldplay. The place was packed. It felt like there was a lot more people attending this year compared to the previous ones.

There were lots of enthusiastic people from all over, even people in morphsuits! The evening ended with fireworks and cool light shows!

On Sunday, the weather I saw The Cool Kids and Flogging Molly in the afternoon. However, it started pouring later and I totally missed the Damian Marley and Nas performance. Although the weather report said 30% chance of rain, I wasn’t prepared at all. Probably should have learned my lesson from previous rainy Lolla’s, but still failed to bring a poncho or something.

After being drenched from the rain and hiding out for the rain to pass, the ground was all muddy but the sun came back up and an awesome RAINBOW appeared in the sky! Everyone’s mood instantly uplifted!

We continued our evening, listening to the dramatic instrumental sounds of Explosions in the Sky. We concluded our evening with a few songs from Foo Fighters, before it started pouring again. Never made it to Kid Cudi, but the night couldn’t have ended any cooler – standing in the crowd, totally soaked, with mud up to my ankles, watching Foo Fighters and singing along to Hero in the pouring rain!

I’ve already marked my calendar for Aug 3rd to 5th, 2012 – next year’s Lollapalooza. Next time, I’ll be even more prepared – anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, empty plastic water bottle for free refills, and a poncho!

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